After this exhausting journey, I arrive once again in Budapest; the city is starting to feel familiar.


I am very excited: I am going to see my parents again! I arrived early in the morning, and I only have a few hours left before I meet up with them. As my health has been worrying me a bit, I use this time to go see a doctor: what a waste of time and money, a doctor who is visibly not interested in anything else but my money sends me back a few minutes later with 40 euros less in my pocket and no diagnosis other than ‘I am tired’. It is a blow to my morale, because I haven’t been feeling good for a while now and it is frustrating; he hasn’t even examined me. Nevermind, I go back to the hotel that my parents have booked in order to wait for them. I fall asleep on the couch before being woken up, a few hours later, by the door opening on a beautiful surprise: they have arrived!! 🙂

Two weeks wouldn’t be enough to make up for lost time, but we still go at it, and talk for a long time. Reunions are a beautiful stage of travelling…
During several days, we explore the city together. Even if I already know it a bit, I have a great time walking in the streets of a capital that is, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful of Europe.




The architecture of the city still impresses me as much as before.



Its history is interesting too! We spend many nice moments, walking in the most ancient part of the city, Buda, discovering an old church nested in a cave, as well as visiting a hospital built during the war in underground caves in order to hide and protect the wounded, after having wandered along an old castle overhanging the Danube. The view on the Pest side is sublime.


I even initiate my parents to the art of the selfie! 😀


P1050250(No, the selfie is not a practise that I approve, even less since the invention of these  %*ç=%ç”*@*” selfie-sticks, but laughter is the best medecine… 😉 )

Discovering a city alone is nice, but sharing it with the people we love is even better!





Unfortunately, the most beautiful moments always go by too fast. After 5 days, it is already time to part again; I am a bit sad but I leave with a new burst for the rest of my trip: the one of the inconditional love of my family. Even if I sometimes forget to remind it too you regularly enough, I love you very much and I think about you every day. Thank you for being the best parents in the world.  <3


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