This time, I’m really doing it. It’s not a joke. In a few hours, I will board the plane. Then, there will be no going back.

But before I leave, before facing the wave that’s waiting for me, I give a last glance behind me.

A few hours ago, before I fell a sleep for the very last time (and for a very short time) in my bed in Fribourg, you were all with me.

Goodbyes are never something easy, so inevitably, there were many emotions and I may not have managed to tell you everything I wanted to. But what I keep from that last evening, those last few weeks with you, is not the sadness to leave you. No, what I take with me is your leave. Your encouragements, your smiles, your words.

It’s the unconditional support of my parents, without whom none of this would be possible, and to whom I could never say thank you enough. I promise you to do my best to seize this amazing opportunity you are giving me and to turn it into something good.

It’s the concern of my loved ones, who I would like to be able to reassure and to who, instead of being able to swear nothing will ever happen to me, I promise to be cautious and reasonable when I need to, but to make mistakes anyway and use them to grow.

It is the look on my friends when I left them, to who I would like to say that out of sight doesn’t mean in any way far from mind for me, and that, even if I won’t be physically present anymore, I hope to keep a small sport in your life. You will accompany me forever in mine, in my heart, wherever I am, whatever I do.

It’s the joy of having you by my side.

And today, it is infinitely grateful, serene and with a huge smile on my face that I turn my head around and look in front of me. I am off to discover what this new life has to give to me; I am off to live, simply.

With this little sentence in a corner of my mind:

Why not?


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