Hello everyone!

I’ve just spent four fantastic days in London. I was visiting my brother, who lives with his girlfriend Sophie (:P) and their three roommates in Chilton Street, in East London near Brick Lane. All of them are so great and super welcoming, I felt at home immediately. I finally got to see a glimpse of my brother’s life in England and I understand even more now why he loves that place so much. I’m happy to see he’s happy. And I really had a great time!

089Chilton Street

Four days wasn’t very long, I haven’t seen much of the city but I nevertheless enjoyed the little sightseeing I did.

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On Friday, I took a train to Berkhamsted, to spend some time with Rhiannon and Philip, who are old friends of my mum’s. I stayed with them for a week or so the first time I came to London, almost ten years ago. (I remember clearly, it was the first time I took the plane on my own. I was 13 🙂 ) It was so nice to see them again. It brought back so many warm memories. I could only stay a few hours with them and didn’t get to see the rest of the family, unfortunately, but I had a wonderful time with them. Thank you! <3

I also went to the National Theater with Sophie and Julien, to see an… interesting? fun but weird? I don’t know how to describe it but it was about two girls wanting to definitely get rid of pornography, and it was quite cool. There was some dancing, the queen, an old man and for the rest, I’ll let your imagination take over. 😉


We also went to an electronic music festival on Saturday, the Found festival, it was fun!

But time has gone by so fast and I am already in Lithuania. I couldn’t think of a better way to have started this trip. I got the load of good vibes that I needed! And big up to Julien, because he’s my big brother and I love him very much, and I know that he does too, even if we have our own ways to show it to each other sometimes ^^

And as I said, I’ve been in Vilnius for a day, with my friends Margarita and Simonas, and I’m loving it! Slowly getting impregnated with the Lithuanian atmosphere. Another post more detailed will come soon.


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