That’s the name of the village in which we arrive, Matei and me, by the very big lake Balaton, after a road trip of several hours (a bit more than planned, that’s what happens when you trust your GPS too much).




It’s a charming place, though a bit empty, due to the low season. We are practically the only tourists there!

We enjoy our time there by going swimming in the lake (cold!), climbing to the top of a tower overlooking the region, and simply walking around.



The third day, we want to go biking but we partied a little too hard the day before (oups). We thus leave a few hours later. Matei leaves me in Budapest, from where I will take a bus to Sofia. It is always sad to say goodbye to a friend, especially to such a cool one as him. Lots of laughs and good times that I can add to my list and that I won’t forget anytime soon. But it is time to leave Hungary…



“A bus station, in Budapest. A station is always an interesting place, isn’t it? All these people. all these stories that cross each other without meeting, without knowing each other. Here, refugees from the Middle East are numerous. They are confused and a bit lost, it shows. I wonder what life they must have left behind to arrive here, in this station. Where do they come from? Where are they going? It’s a mistery. We talk about them so much, of those people, this ‘category’, but I feel like we forget the human beings behind, that every individual has their own destiny, their story, their state of mind, their memories. As if for every person here, in this station. We each come from somewhere and are going somewhere else, we each have our motivations, our story.

Mine continues in Bulgaria..’

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