No need for many words in today’s article, I hope you enjoy the pictures!


The first thing we discover in Seogwipo, after having found a cheap little motel to spend a few nights in, is its big market in the middle of the city. Markets are so lively!

The main attractions here are the waterfalls. One is very unique, because it falls directly into the sea, which is pretty rare. The other is a bit less impressive, but also less crowded and very nice too. We walk from one to another, wandering along the coast and through lovely little parks of the area. It’s a beautiful day.

What a beautiful island…


The next day, we decide to go and explore the region further west. We first visit some intriguing cliffs, that have been naturally formed into perfectly shaped geometric forms, hexagons.

We then discover a temple built just under a mountain, some parts of it directly in the rock.

Further down, there is an path going next to amazing cliffs; probably the highlight of our day.

On our way back, we see people selling these fried insects. Mmmmh!


After seeing all of these wonders, it’s time to go back to Jeju City, from where we plan to take a ferry to Busan. Let’s go!

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