Today is a symbolic day for me. It’s my first “travel anniversary”!

On the 11th of June 2015, I left my home in Switzerland. And here I am, exactly one year and 23 countries later, reflecting on the journey I’ve accomplished since then. Most of all, I wanted to reflect on what I have learnt from all of these travels. Here’s a little text I have written for the occasion.


What I learned from travelling


I threw myself in the intensity of an uncertain life.
I learned to dive.


I saw places I would have never imagined seeing.
I learned to follow my curious eyes.


I was lost.
I learned that a smile can make the difference.


I wanted to stop time.
I learned to appreciate the present moment.


I laid my eyes on the beauty of this world.
I learned that I am nothing in front of this magnificent immensity.


I was alone.
I learned that a new friend always hides in the next street corner (or dorm bed).


I was confronted to my privileges.
I learned to be grateful.


I went out of my comfort zone.
I learned that simplicity and humility are two qualities worth adopting.


I hated the road.
I learned to let go.


I  danced, sang, played, listened.
I learned that music is a universal language.


I made mistakes.
I learned to grow from them.


I confronted myself, I tried to find meaning.
I learned to write my story.


I was overwhelmed by life.
I learned that this world is profoundly unfair.


I witnessed amazing generosity from perfect strangers.
I learned to see the good in people.


I loved, kissed, cried, I said goodbye, often.
I learned to be vulnerable.


But above all,
I learned that I still have so much to learn…


Special thoughts to all of my friends I have met on the road <3

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